How to Sell a Vacant Property in Connecticut?

How do you sell an empty property? Most people consider this question when they have to move out and want to sell their previous residence.

An empty house doesn’t appeal to the target market, and that’s why it becomes challenging to sell a house without its accessories. This article shares tips so you can sell your vacant home in CT.

Set the Scene


A house is nothing without the love & warmth of its residents. When a home is in its top-notch condition, it is telling a story — it sharing its lifestyle. People can imagine how great it’ll be to live in that house.

Opposite to that, a vacant home is also telling a story, but that story is about negligence and abandonment. It is no surprise that people are not interested in purchasing that house. Outsiders cannot feel the essence of an empty property. They’ll see blank walls, empty rooms, and nothing else. It’ll be even hard to estimate the amount of space in the house.

People don’t want a home. They are interested in a lifestyle. The truth is that you cannot sell a vacant property in the retail market. You’ll need to stage the house and make sure that it appeals to the target market.


Thoroughly Clean the House

It’s understandable if you don’t want to invest in new furniture. However, your home shouldn’t look like an abandoned property. Think of a newly built house. That new house doesn’t have furniture, but the walls are painted. Lights are working. There are no bad odors or insects in the home. The place is spotless and fresh.

The first step is to clean the house thoroughly. Install new lights. Focus on minor repairs. Recheck the layout of the house. Make sure that buyers can understand the purpose of each room.


Focus on the Curb Appeal


Curb appeal can sell a house. When you are living in the house, you take care of your lawn. The mailbox is never flooded with junk mail and newspapers. However, when you’re away, the overgrown grass and flooded mailbox can damage the outside appearance of your house. You’ll need to improve the curb appeal. Mow the lawn. Take away the unnecessary papers and repaint the exterior. Buy colorful plants. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollar, but the exterior of the property requires your care and attention.

Recheck the Security System

Vacant homes can become the target of thieves. If you have a vacant house, immediately update its security system. Your general homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t remain valid if your home remains empty for an extended period (30+ days).  You’ll need to buy a separate insurance policy to cover the building and its accessories. Since you have a vacant property, it might not be wise to arrange an open house event. Consider the associated risk and then decide whether you want to open your home for visitors or not.

Furnish the House

Furniture plays a vital role in selling a house. A furnished house clearly describes its purpose. Prospective buyers can understand the purpose & usage of each room. You don’t have to buy new furniture. Used Items can do a great job. You can also buy things from garage sales. Renting out furniture items might be a good idea.

The important thing is that buyers want to see the lifestyle. You must repair and renovate the house. Price it correctly, hire an agent, deal with negotiations and wait for the right offer. If you don’t want to go through this process, you can sell your vacant house to a reputable real estate redevelopment business in Connecticut.

You won’t have to stage your house. You won’t even have to clean the house. The company will buy your home as-is for a cash price.

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