How Can I Sell a House with Asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural fibrous mineral commonly used in various construction related items. Before the 1980s, this mineral was widely used in almost every construction project whether residential or commercial.

Asbestos is heat & flame resistant. That means you can use it for property insulation. You can use it to insulate hot water pipes. Since it is flame resistant, it can be used in the making of tiles, the attic and several other parts of the building. Because of such properties, people in the construction business used to call it the “magic element” until we started experiencing its side-effects.

When exposed and inhaled, asbestos is extremely hazardous for human health. It is the only known cause of mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer. The surprising thing is that it takes several years before you start noticing a decline in health. Asbestos enters the air, and when you inhale, it makes its way to the respiratory system, creating the infection, and slowly cancer. After knowing its effect, asbestos has been banned completely. It is still used in some construction projects but in a different way.

It is not used in modern construction anymore. But we still have many houses in the market that were built before the 1980s and will have asbestos in one form or another.

In an old house, you can find this mineral in:

  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Hot water pipes blanker or insulated corners
  • Cement roof

If you have an outdated house, you need to check for the presence of asbestos. It requires specialized testing as a general home inspection report cannot give you an exact answer. You might want to contact a home inspector, and he can guide you. However, it is best to hire a certified expert. They will collect a sample and will perform an offsite test in the lab. That generally costs $50-$180.

Depending on the location, they can also do an onsite test that will cost approximately $250-$750. It sounds expensive, but as the homeowner, you are required to disclose the state of your home. If something happens in the future, the buyer can sue you for the damage incurred.

Selling a House with Asbestos: What Are My Options?

Finding asbestos in the house is not a deal-breaker. Asbestos is a harmless material unless it has been exposed.  We live in the house, and many of us undertake renovation projects. Sometimes, we enhance the property insulation, and we open up our current insulative layer. That’s when we can expose ourselves to the asbestos and that’s when it becomes harmful.

If your home has been renovated in the past (without considering asbestos), you need to perform a test. The question then is, if you have a house with asbestos, how can you sell it.

You need to provide a legal disclosure stating the presence of asbestos in your house. After that, you have two options. You can repair the property, provide the warranty, and sell your home. Alternatively, you can sell your home for a fair cash price.

Depending on the location of your home, asbestos removal can be an expensive option. For example, attic removal can cost you $15k, whereas removing vinyl tiles will cost a maximum of $15 per square foot. One option is to contain the material. That’s when you wrap the content in a protective layer, and your home becomes safe. In that case, you don’t have to worry about material disposal. However, the choice depends on the quantity of the asbestos found in your home.

If it is costing you thousands of dollars to remove asbestos, it is best to sell the house. For complete removal, you’ll need a building permit, the help of a certified expert, time, and money. After making all this effort, it is not a guarantee that your home will sell in the retail market.

In such a situation, you can sell your home to a legitimate cash buying firm in Connecticut. The company can buy your house as-is with asbestos. It’s going to be a 100% free cash offer so you don’t have to worry about repairs, commissions, or delays.

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